Building Lean Muscle Tone Not Big And Bulky!

by Ed Foley - The Fighting Florist on March 6, 2011

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Building lean muscle plays a vital role in one’s overall health and fitness program. A person whose body has a high percentage of lean muscle will have a faster metabolism than someone of the same height and weight will, who has less lean muscle.

The faster one’s metabolism is, the more calories he or she will burn on a daily basis.

Lean muscle also results in less stored fat, which leads to an overall better state of health.

However, simply knowing the aforementioned facts does little or nothing for an individual unless he or she can discover a way to build lean muscle mass.

There are two significant factors one must consider if he or she is to build lean muscle, and most people are not surprised to realize that these key factors are diet and exercise.

Building lean muscle No matter how badly people may wish they could achieve optimum physical fitness without eating a healthy diet and participating in regular exercise, this is just not possible.

Getting in shape takes time and effort; however, it may not be as hard as it appears at first and you do not have to use one of the hardcore weight training programs to get lean and fit.

Building Lean Muscle Mass And Your Diet

An essential fact that one must understand when attempting to build lean muscle is that energy is a vital necessity where this goal in concerned. T

herefore, drastically cutting calories will actually hinder, rather than help, the muscle building process.

This is due to the fact that if calories are cut too drastically, a person’s body will begin to consume existing lean muscle to use as a source of energy.

In addition, the person’s metabolism will begin to function at a slower pace to preserve energy in anticipation of starvation, which is what the human body perceives to be happening when one cuts calories too quickly and this kills any efforts to building lean muscle.

Calories should be reduced very gradually, and one should never follow any diet that requires calories to be cut below 1,500 per day, especially if he or she will be exercising regularly.

Choosing the correct foods and eliminating “empty” calories is much more important that making drastic reductions in the number of calories one consumes.

Building lean muscle requires eating a consistently healthy diet.

It is necessary to consume adequate protein, which should make up approximately 25% of a person’s total daily intake of calories.

Approximately 65% of one’s food should come from carbohydrate sources and fats should be used sparingly.

One should choose complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

In addition, it is important to add foods that are high in fiber as these are essential to optimum health.

Building Lean Muscle Through The Proper Exercise

In addition to eating the appropriate foods, one must also have a dedicated exercise routine and follow it consistently. It takes more than just lifting weights to build lean muscle.

A person’s exercise routine must include aerobic activity as well as strength training, as it is this combination that results in successfully adding lean muscle.

Building Lean Muscle And Avoid Building Bulk Muscle

When lifting weights, one should refrain from attempting to build just one particular set of muscles.

There are specific weight training routines designed for building lean muscle mass and not thick bulky muscles.

An exercise routine that provides a full body workout in 30-45 minutes is a much better choice. Bench presses, crunches, and push-ups are examples of helpful exercises that result in fast and effective muscle building.

It is also essential to avoid trying to do too much too soon, especially where weight training is concerned.

It is important that one be aware of his or her limits. Pushing too hard–especially at first–can result in injuries, which will hinder one from reaching his or her goal.

One should begin with 10 repetitions of each set of exercises 3-4 times a week, gradually building up to 25-30 repetitions. Building lean muscle slowly and surely is the best recipe for success.

As you can see Building Lean Muscle comes with multiple health benefits although it doesn’t hurt that it makes you look a whole lot better as well!

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