Weight Training Programs For Maximum Health and Fitness!

by Ed Foley - The Fighting Florist on March 5, 2015

Weight Training Programs For Maximum Health and Fitness! If you are looking for the most effective weight training programs available you have just found them. Adding a weight training program to your health and fitness regiment will yield fast and effective results.

So what makes me qualified to offer you advise on weight training programs and health and fitness in general?

Well, I have been an athlete my entire life I was a Professional Boxer for 12 plus years, I am a certified dietitian and Personal Trainer and I owned three Health Clubs in the past. So I do know a little bit about health and fitness. :)

However, I am now 100% disabled due to a genetic disorder which eventually led to six brain surgeries to remove multiple tumors, but that is a really long story so I will not bore you with it now.

I offer a free ebook on my personal development site which I will get uploaded to this site for you to download if interested.

Weight Training Programs For Maximum Health and Fitness!

Weight Training Programs Okay let us get back to this website about weight training programs which in essence does play a role in personal development.

Throughout this site you will find a wealth of information on weight training and health and fitness.

I have also chosen three of the top weight training programs that I came across and you will find my personal reviews of each one of these fitness training programs.

As you can see in the navigation bar at the top of each page the three training programs in question are in no particular order, Turbulence Training, No Nonsense Muscle Building and 7 Minute Muscles.

Okay so now I have to update this page because as you can see there are now four weight training programs along the top navigation of this site with the newest being the Muscle maximizer otherwise known as the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program.

For the past six months I have been putting this program through the most rigorous training of any weight training or fitness program I’ve ever reviewed and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

I could tell you all about this incredible fitness program right here but instead I will refer you to the complete review I have written which you can find by clicking on The Muscle Maximizer at the top of this page or simply follow this link Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer.

Trust me I know what I am doing or talking about when it comes to health and fitness and I don’t just find a program read about and automatically add it to this site, my reputation is more important to me than any promotion, if it were not you would find every weight training program on the market on this site but you don’t and you won’t!

Any weight training or fitness program I recommend on this site you can trust has been put through the most rigorous testing possible and by real people, my clients, so if they fail to deliver results you will never find them on this site. OK that is my rant for the day now go read about this fitness program and be ready to be amazed.

In terms of overall fitness each one of these programs will over deliver and that is what makes rating one better than the other rather difficult because you could not go wrong with anyone of these fitness programs.

However if you are more interested in just pure weight training programs I would have to say that for the serious body builder the No Nonsense Muscle Building program would be best suited for you.

Although that fitness program has so much to offer that it can really deliver any type of results you are looking to achieve, whether it be just burning some fat and toning up some or hardcore bodybuilding and serious weight training.

Weight Training Programs Health & Fitness Training

Bottom line is if you are serious about getting into shape and you are tired of searching through the web to find the ultimate weight training program you have come to the right place.

I have personally gone through each one of these fitness programs with a fine tooth comb and although I do not necessarily agree with all the weight training techniques that are taught I would still have to rate these as three of the best all around fitness training programs that I have ever tested.

As I said I am/was a Personal Trainer so this is what I did to really give these weight training programs a thorough test.

I had six of my clients use the fitness and training techniques taught from just one program and I monitored their results over an eight week period.

I did this for each of the programs using three separate groups as my guinea pigs and in the end all three groups showed tremendous improvements.

I am constantly testing and reviewing new fitness and weight training programs using volunteers from my gyms.

Over the past five years or so these fitness programs have remained at the top of my list for the best overall health and fitness.

Weight Training Programs Are Only As Good As They Are Effective!

I just cannot stress enough about how important it is to have an all around fitness training health program in place in your life.

When you are in good shape and you are eating healthy it will improve every aspect of your life and the sooner you begin the better.

Although having said that it is still never too late to begin some type of fitness and weight training program.

When you live healthier you live happier, so even if you are not looking to do some serious weight training and one of these fitness programs can be tailored to match your health and fitness goals.

Weight training routines should be the basis of any well structured fitness program.

If you are sick and tired of working your tail off in the gym without realizing any decent gains that is all about to change.

Thanks to the following fitness and weight training programs you will finally have the chance to get into the best physical shape of your life.

If you are serious about your health and fitness this website has a lot to offer, however if you do not take the steps that are necessary to get the full benefits out of your fitness training you will only be cheating yourself.

Throughout this site you will find a number of strategies to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Unlike most weight training programs you will learn how yo make you’re nutrition and training programs fun and exciting rather than the same old boring routine day after day.

If you stick with this you will learn how to implement some of the newest fitness and training strategies that have proven to be some of the most affective training methods ever.

If you are ready dive right in because there are some extremely effective exercise tips and strategies packed into anyone of the weight training programs on this site.